Install hotfix for iOS7 upgrade

In connection with upgrading iOS devices to iOS7, a hotfix is required for DME versions 3.6SP2 through 4.1SP1.

This document describes how to apply the hotfix.

Now SMS and Now SMS Lite

How to use the Now SMS Gateway or Now SMS Lite Gateway with DME.
The guide covers both modem usage and SMSC (Now SMS full version only).

Virtualization - Running DME on VMWare ESX

Requirements for supporting a DME server on VMware ESX. How to configure the virtual memory for a DME server.
Applies to DME 2.0 and above.

Custom mapping of GAB fields

Custom mapping of fields in DME - Contacts, Global Address Book searches, and Rooms & Resources. Applies to DME version 3.5 and above.
Note that DME support cannot assist with issues that arise as a result of using the custom mapping features.

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