The support ticket

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Before actually entering the support ticket (RFS), please consider the following:

  • Did you collect all relevant information from the device?
    • From End user, IT/Superuser and your own work
  • Did you analyze and collect all information from the server part?
    • Please provide only relevant log information (amount may differ, talk to support about what is needed)
  • Did you check the knowledge base for known issues?
  • Did you test on different devices (one is not enough – and you need more than one device type!)
  • Please structure the information in "Steps To Reproduce" (STR)
    • This in order for Excitor Support to verify the problem and speed up the resolution process and to avoid doing work already done by you.
  • Please structure all relevant information gathered in the resolutions process up until now
    • Go to the Excitor Support Portal and create a support ticket
    • Fill out as many of the fields you can. In the description field please provide all the information you collected and prepared earlier, including the work you did
    • Add request and work closely together with Excitor Support until ticket is closed.