Support levels 1 and 2

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The following is a description of the three support levels.

1st level support

First-level support usually provides common problem solutions, such as:

  • Have you tried to restart/reboot the device?
  • Have you checked that the collaboration (Exchange/Domino) server is down/available?
  • Can you browse to http ://DMESERVERPATH:5011 and get a response using the built-in browser?
  • Is your device in Flight/Offline mode?
  • Can you use another DME Client (device) to sync with?

2nd level support

Second-level support provides more technical assistance and usually requires the DME weblog or DME server.log to see what the actual problem with DME is. For instance, if the DME client is able to do synchronization or not at all.

Among the things checked by 2nd level support are:

  • Check the weblog to see if the DME server reports a well known error such as collaboration system is unavailable, not able to connect to LDAP/AD, is the DME server able to do a mailbox lookup etc.
  • Check the state of the DME Server, for example
    • Are other users able to sync?
    • Is the problem for one user or many? If many:
      • Are they on the same collaboration environment?
      • Are they in the same geographical location (Wi-Fi is down/mobile data network is down)
    • If only that particular user:
      • Does an Import of the given items help
      • Is the user able to perform the sync on a different device? If so:
        • Help reinstall the DME client
        • Help reset the device and reinstall the DME client
        • Upgrade the DME client to the latest version to reproduce error
    • If all users are affected:
      • Is the collaboration system up and running (accessible from the DME Connector(s))?
      • Is the DME Connector down/crashed/available?
      • Is the network connecting to the DME Server from the outside blocked?
      • Does a restart of the individual DME elements (DME Server, DME Connector(s)) help?
  • Is there a known bug listed in the RFS system at Soliton Systems Europe that covers the behavior?
  • Is there a Solution in the RFS system that deals with the issue?

See this page for information about Support level 3.