Support during installation

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The classification of support levels described in the "Support level 3" section applies mainly to DME installations that are running. Excitor also provides level 3 support during installations, hence the requirement to have a DME certified engineer responsible for the installation.

As part of the expected level 2 tasks for installation, the following list is a non-exhaustive list of topics we would expect our partners to have check in connection with problems:

  • Validation of the installation against the system requirements (especially when virtualization is involved)
  • Network / firewall setup completed and tested
  • Exact identification of the collaboration systems (type/ version / service pack) and validation vs documented integration requirements
  • Appropriate setup of the database (for MS SQL installation)
  • Knowledge about the SSL provider involved and how to correctly install and test the SSL certificate in DME
  • Installation of the DME gateway and validation that the installation is correct (DB connection, DME license installation)
  • Installation and configuration of the DME connector – using the built-in test tools to identify and locate problem (LDAP, connection to Exchange/Domino, etc.)
  • Configuration of the default settings
  • Configuration of the notification scanner
  • End-to-end test with a device and test user