Support Center

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Here you can find technical information regarding our DME software and links to other relevant areas, such as our test license site and public website. The intended audience is technical consultants and support people working with the installation, maintenance and support of DME. DME Support provides premium support. Please contact your DME Business Partner or Excitor Support for more information.

Excitor provides third-level support. The pages in this section of the website will give you an overview of the definitions and information you need before contacting the Excitor Support Team. You will find:

  • A definition of the 3 support levels: Levels 1 and 2, Level 3
  • A description of STR (Steps To Reproduce)
  • An error classification
  • The response times you can expect when raising an issue with Excitor Support Team
  • Some sample questions to help you when you are troubleshooting
  • A description on how to get ready to create a support ticket
  • A sample of a good and a bad support ticket
  • And some lessons learned.

The Excitor Support Team provides 3rd level support, meaning that issues reported to us have already been qualified by having gone through 1st (customer) and 2nd (partner) level support.


  • End user reports a problem to end user's support desk.
  • End user's support desk tries to solve the issue but can't.
  • End user's support desk contacts their DME Partner (you) for help.
  • The DME Partner (you) provides the extra support they need to solve the issue.
  • If you can't solve the issue then you create a 3rd level RFS at Excitor.