Steps to Reproduce

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What is "STR" and how do I provide it?

STR - Steps to Reproduce - is basically a description of how to provoke an error or bug so we can reproduce the same error or bug in our environment.

We have the possibility to set up most environments that DME encounters, and can therefore use STRs to verify a bug if it exists or pinpoint where the problem is and get the problem solved faster.

STR example of a DME Client that crashes

This is an actual STR from a bug in a Symbian device that caused the DME Client to crash:

  1. Install the DME client on the device, enter username and password
  2. Confirm the server path
  3. Confirm verify password
  4. Confirm import emails from server
  5. After email sync is done, do a full calendar sync (replace from server)
  6. Open a calendar Item that has come down to the device from the client
  7. Client crashes and exits out to Symbian desktop
  8. DME client needs to be launched again after this.

This simple 8-step STR gives Excitor the information to reproduce the bug and find the error.

Additionally it will always help to enable debug on the DME Client as the log can/will most often tell what the problem is, but the normal log will not as the cause of the problem is not in the code that outputs information to the user or to the DME Server.