Software lifecycle policy

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The Excitor Software Lifecycle Policy specifies the period during which support and maintenance services will be available for a particular version of software. The policy covers the period from when a software version is made available for customers (General Availability – GA), through the period where the product is no longer under support and maintenance (End of Support – EoS) and until the software version is finally terminated and taken off the market (End of Life – EoL). For definitions of these terms, see the blocks on the right-hand side of this page.

The Excitor Software Lifecycle Policy applies to all Excitor software licensed under the End User License Agreement (EULA) and covered by a valid Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA).

  • Each main software version of a product is fully supported for a minimum of twelve (12) months starting from the date of General Availability (GA). After this period, it can become EoL.
  • When replaced by a new main version, the previous main software version will be supported for a minimum of twelve (12) months. During the first six (6) months the replaced version is fully supported, and support cases of any severity classification will be addressed. For the remaining support period (minimum 6 months), only Severity 1 issues will be addressed. Issues with a Severity 2 classification and lower will not be considered until the next version.
  • Technical support is always provided on the latest service pack of a main software version. For a main software version which is GA, customers may be required to upgrade to the latest service pack of the main version for verification of a reported problem.
  • Technical support for a software version is only provided on the hardware/software platforms for which the software has been designed.
  • EoS and EoL announcements are published to customers and business partners at least six (6) months prior to the effective date where such product enters the EoS/EoL state.
  • EoS announcements covering a main version of the DME server will include information about the status of each of the DME client versions developed and released with the DME server. In general, DME clients will enter EoS at the same time as the server version. However, certain software clients may be, at Excitor’s sole discretion, allowed to remain in GA state.
  • EoL announcements will specify which software versions enter the EoL state. Software versions, for which an EoL date has been reached, are no longer supported in any way and will not work with subsequent server versions. Customers running software versions in the EoL state cannot expect to receive support or maintenance services, and must migrate to supported versions.
  • Excitor may extend the Support Period for a specific software version based on a request from a customer. An Extended Support Period is available for a period of six (6) or twelve (12) months following a software version’s EoS date. An Extended Support Period is subject to an additional fee and is offered with the purpose of migrating the customer to a newer, supported main software version, where a migration plan must be established between the customer and Excitor.

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