Lessons learned

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The following are some tips about sources of error that we have seen occur.

Please remember first of all that a DME project is complex. DME is a gateway to other systems. Please plan and execute accordingly...

  • Take time to do capacity planning
    • Hard- and software requirements
    • Device requirements
    • Database requirements
    • Network requirements (firewalls, NIC's, etc.)
    • Virtual Server requirements (VMware, Guest OS, admin Tools...)
  • Regarding the Network
    • Look into all network requirements (ports, firewall, NIC’s, bandwidth, etc. ...)
    • NIC's – NO auto (for non-GB NIC's)
    • Check and know the impact off AV and content scanning (package inspection, etc.)
    • Bandwidth capacity check - know the expected workload
    • NTP – always with DME Connectors ...
  • Collaboration systems
    • Domino
      • Check current workload and evaluate future performance impact with DME
      • Dual user's role impact?
      • DIIOP impact, for Domino on iSeries DIIOP is a "NO-GO"
      • LDAP task on Domino
    • Microsoft Exchange
      • Check current workload and evaluate future performance impact with DME
      • Check and verify OWA / CAS capacity for DME
      • Check mail store / no. of users / sync time relation
      • Use of Subscription – load impact
    • Database (Microsoft SQL and MySQL)
      • Needs to be close to DME!
      • Dedicated database server is mandatory, using a enterprise server, check capacity
  • Clustering – architecture build around single site – design!
  • User connectivity
    • Check log view from web interface and look for
      • Supported device with newest firmware
      • Sync time and number of items (mail and folder syncs) and Errors

And finally: Please read all the documentation!