Good ticket, bad ticket

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Example of a good support ticket:

99999 - Problem with the Search Global address book function in Android version 3.5.8

On DME Client 3.5.8 for Android, we are getting consistently the error in attached file error.png.

  • We are using SEARCH – Global address book.
  • Typing in a name and clicks the Search icon.
  • Gets a result list from the server.
  • We are choosing a person on the list, to get more information about that person and now we are getting the error.

We have tried from 3 different Android mobiles – but are getting the same error on each of them.

Attached are also the log file from each of these 3 mobiles, which are:
Type: GT-i9100
Android version:  2.3.3
DME Client: 3.5.8

Type: HTC Desire
Android version: 2.2
DME Client: 3.5.8

Type: LG-P990
Android version: 2.2.2
DME Client: 3.5.8

We have tried the same function on iOS with version 3.6 and 3.5.14. Here it works fine.

Example of a bad support ticket:

99999 - iPad fails to connect displaying error information ( screenshot attached ) – Trial


Please advise.

Attached photo.png