Error classification and response times

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When completing an RFS, you can choose among the following error classifications:

  1. High (Severity 1)
    All users at one site are affected. The DME Gateway system is not working, and may not be accessible through on-line connection channels. System cannot be restarted.
    Expected response time: 4 business hours.
  2. Medium (Severity 2)
    The DME Gateway system is working and accessible. Critical functionality is not available / not working for more than 10% of devices. No workaround available as yet.
    Expected response time: 6 business hours.
  3. Low (Severity 3)
    The DME Gateway is working and accessible. Non-critical functionality is not available / not working.
    Expected response time: 2 business days.
  4. None (Severity 4)
    A suggestion, question, or observation.
    Expected response time: Not defined.