SecureContainer – DME Product end of life notification

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DME end of life

At the InfoSecurity London 2019 in June, Soliton Systems launched its latest secure container solution for mobile devices, Soliton MailZen. MailZen is similar to our current secure container solution SecureContainer – DME, yet with better features and functionality, and equipped with the latest technology and architecture.

This letter provides notification that Soliton has begun the End-of-Life (EOL) process for SecureContainer – DME.
DME EOL date: 31-12-2020
Successor Product: Soliton MailZen

We are pleased to announce MailZen as the successor product that provides a better performance than SecureContainer - DME. Soliton MailZen does not require MDM and its improved architecture also enables new functionality to be easily added, based on ever-changing market demands. MailZen can also be easily used in a hosted environment. This allows you, as a partner, the possibility to offer MailZen as a service to your customer.

As with SecureContainer – DME, we will still offer MailZen as an on-premise solution.

DME Support for O365

DME will support O365 until 13 October 2020. DME will not work with O365 after this date since O365 will stop the support for basic authentication on EWS which is the protocol used by DME.

Note that the support for basic authentication on EWS for on-premises Exchange is not affected.

More information on Soliton Systems website and in the PDF document.