About Soliton Systems

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Soliton Systems is the company behind DME (Dynamic Mobile Exchange), a software solution that enables companies and organizations to deploy, use, manage and control mobile services and all company mobile devices easily and effectively without compromising security.

DME is marketed through a network of professional, recognized partners with strong competencies in network infrastructure, security, mobile technologies and the leading collaboration platforms.

DME customers comprise medium-sized and large enterprises in many fields including accounting, automotive, banking, energy, financial services, healthcare, insurance, professional services, the public sector, and many more. They have fleets of handheld devices varying from a few hundreds to many thousands, but they all share a strong belief in the value of empowering their workforce by providing employees with access to email, calendar and corporate data via their smartphones or tablets. Our customers recognize that making corporate email, calendar and key files available on phones/tablets broadly in the organization fundamentally change the way customers are served, how partners are handled, and how employees collaborate internally. Especially since employees are increasingly on the move – traveling abroad, to other cities, visiting customers, working at home, in town or just down the hall.

Soliton Systems

We develop innovative technology for IT security, remote live broadcasting and special unique embedded solutions.

Since 1979 as a leading Japanese technology company serving many industries across the globe, Soliton has pioneered IT security solutions for protecting company data from external IT security threats, and more recently delivered on the first mobile H265 HEVC solution for the live broadcasting market. Soliton continues to innovate in many markets and our products continue to grow and innovate with a strong emphasis on Research & Development to serve an ever-changing world.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan our current CEO and founder, Dr. Nobuo Kamata has been a technology-oriented leader and pioneer for over 30 years.

  • Experts in live broadcasting: manufacturer of the world’s first H.265 mobile hardware encoder
  • Over 30 years of experience in IT security
  • More than 2000 premium brand customers from all over the world

Our mission

Our mission is to develop cutting edge technology that helps companies to solve their live broadcasting and IT security challenges with a unique set of high quality products and solutions.